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My name is Joe Teno. 

I live in Montana’s Gallatin Valley and I’m an amateur wildlife photographer.

Like most places in Montana, the Gallatin Valley allows one to live IN nature. Pay attention and you’ll realize you are living with the animals - in their home.  

And that suits me just fine because I’m not as much drawn to places as I am to the animals that inhabit the places. I’m interested in their lives, their environment, and their behaviors.

When capturing images, I feel most comfortable when I’m connected with my subjects - feeling their heat or cold, their curiosity or alarm, their food’s abundance or scarcity. And I love the unexpected - like when younger animals play. 

I hope my imagery honors these animals. That it’s authentic, and as true-to-life as I can remember and express. Ultimately, my goal is to maintain integrity while capturing the unimaginable beauty that often accompanies animals in their own surroundings.

If you have a moment to interact with my work, please leave a comment. Tell me what you see, how the images make you feel, what you’d like to see more or less of. I’d definitely appreciate it. 


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